General Questions
  • Do I need an account?

    You will need an account to create and claim badges. We've made it super easy to use your Google and Facebook accounts if you'd like.

  • Does it cost anything?


Badge Questions
  • Can I create any badge I want?

    Yep! We encourage you to search first to see if someone else has created the same or a similar badge to try and avoid having duplicate badges.

    Please note that we reserve the right to reject any badge for any reason - So just use common sense.

  • What types of badges can I create?

    There are two types of badges: One that requires someone to answer questions before they claim it, and one that you can freely hand out to people who request it.

  • What should I create?

    Literally anything! It's totally up to you. Here are some ideas if you need inspiration: A badge for "My best friends," or a badge for "Reading my latest blog post." Maybe a badge for "Names starting with the letter K." Or how about a badge for "Attending my awesome Halloween party?"

  • How many questions can I make someone answer?

    A maximum of three questions can be added to a badge.

  • Can I use any image I want?

    Please don't use images you're not legally allowed to use, and avoid offensive materials. Otherwise, yes, pretty much any image will work.

  • What's a boosted badge?

    Such a great question that we actually have an entirely separate page for it!

  • Can I claim a badge for actually reading this FAQ?

    Sure. Check out our handy embedded link below.

Badge Offer Questions
  • What's a badge offer?

    We provide people and websites send you a badge. However, you will always be able to approve or reject something that someone else sends you. These are offers.

  • I don't want offers. Can I disable them?

    You are able to block all future offers from specific senders if you don't want any future offers ("Leave me alone, NYT!). Kind of like a spam filter in your email. Oh, speaking of, you can also mark offers as "Spam" and we'll flag the senders on our side for further evaluation.

  • Can I send badges to people?

    Sure! All you need to do is setup an account, create a badge, and get cozy with our API documentation.