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Use our API to send badges you've created to customers you interact with, all secured with expiring tokens.

Even if someone doesn't have a Boast Badge account, we'll store your offers, and when they sign-up with a confirmed email address, they'll receive badges that you've sent.

As more features are released, we'll update this page, our documentation, and well... obviously our endpoints.

Use Cases

Why do I need to send people badges? Why would I want to? What's in it for me?

You offer a world-class image editing tool. Based on certain criteria (time in tool, techniques used, edits made, etc.) you provide a badge of authenticity to customers. This lets them market their amazing editing tools as being authentic, and that their work was not generated by AI.

Reward your most loyal customers and send them badges for milestones. You've been a customer for a year! You've spent over $100 with us! You signed up during a full moon! You've looked at over 50 products! Whatever you can think of!

You have an awesome article somewhere and what to know who is reading it. Analytics only get you so far. So you create a simple badge where people have to answer questions to get it. You put in 2 easy questions about your article. People start reading it and claiming the badge. You now know who they are and you can reach out directly, offer them more badges for reading more stuff, and get free marketing from people seeing who has the badges. It's a win-win-win.

You've built a word processor. People need to prove they wrote their doc. You gather data on how their paper was produced (number of edits, created date, etc.) and Send them a badge confirming they wrote the piece that they claimed to have written. Everyone is happy!

You put up a hilarious prank site, and everyone who visits it gets a "I got pranked by X" badge.

And more to come!